• About the Well-Being Department

    The Well-Being department manages Uplift Education’s wide array of wraparound support programs, mental health and prevention efforts that contribute to the social-emotional health and well-being of all scholars and their families.  The department also oversees Scholar Discipline and Restorative Practices for Uplift Education's network of schools.  The focus of our whole-child approach is to offer a high-quality school-based social-emotional experience for scholars, while also assisting families in accessing other social services and resources outside of the school setting which may help foster increased personal and/or family success.  Services available through Uplift Education include professional counseling, prevention programming and guidance lessons, homeless/foster youth support, and crisis response management.  Through external partnerships, we offer trainings designed to prevent child abuse and neglect, teen dating violence, suicide and substance abuse, and bullying, and manage network-wide enrichment programs and afterschool care.

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