TEA Ratings

  • TEA B Rating Uplift Education received an 87 (B) Rating from the Texas Education Association (TEA) for 2018-19.

    What exactly does that mean?

    Each year the TEA releases A-F ratings for every public and charter district in the state as well as every individual school. Districts, charters, and schools are given an overall rating based on performance in three areas:

    • Student Achievement shows how much students know and are able to do at the end of the school year.
    • School Progress shows how students perform over time and how that growth compares to similar schools.
    • Closing the Gaps shows how well different groups of students within a school are performing.

    A-F accountability uses a variety of indicators such as graduation rates, college, career and military readiness, SAT/ACT scores, and college prep course completion. The majority of a district’s rating is based on indicators other than the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test.

    How did Uplift compare?

    Uplift scored as high or higher than the local public school districts where we have schools.

    TEA Rating of B for 2019

    We also scored higher on several of the metrics compared to the state and local districts.

    Bar chart comparisons

    Our Schools

    We are proud to have several A rated schools in our district. Congratulations to:

    Uplift North Hills School Crest Middle and High School
    Uplift Infinity School Crest High School
    Uplift Williams School Crest Middle School

    We are also proud to have 67% of our rated schools have a B rating or higher. There are no failing (F) schools in the Uplift district.


    For more information and to view detailed school report cards, visit https://txschools.gov/