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    Uplift Education is excited to launch the “A New Way to Learn & Earn” Scholarship Program with the opportunity to earn up to $3,100 toward your college or career pathway after graduation.  Beginning in fifth grade and concluding in 12th grade, scholars will have the opportunity to complete challenges during the year for credits that will be paid out after graduation.  Uplift is proud to go above and beyond to support our scholars and families to and through college and career.

    How does it work?

    Each year, starting in the 5th grade, scholars can earn credit toward their post-graduation scholarship by completing certain tasks, achieving on tests, and just showing up for school each day!  Parents get to earn credits as well!  The credit accumulates each year, and after graduation, the senior will receive a check equaling the amount of credit earned.  

    How much credit can be earned each year?

    The chart below shows the maximum potential credit a scholar can earn per year*.

    credit potential by grade

    *Some credits can be earned only once, but scholars have the chance to earn the credit in more than one year.

    Does the total credit accumulate?

    Absolutely!  The longer a scholar is with Uplift, the more credit they can earn each year, starting in 5th grade.

    Earn after graduation chart

    What must be done to earn credit?

    The chart below shows a brief overview of the opportunities to earn credit by grade and how the credit breaks down.  Please visit the specific grade pages to learn more about each year's credit opportunities, and visit the FAQ page for more answers.

    Learn & Earn Credit Summary Chart