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  • Virtual Learning for Scholars in Quarantine

    If a scholar tests positive for COVID, or comes in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID, then a 10-day stay-at-home period will be required.  See more details and definitions  here.  Uplift will always prioritize the health and safety of its scholars. If a scholar is ill, then they need to focus on getting well. The best thing for the scholar to do is to focus on their wellness so that they can return to their normal activities, prevent the spread of the virus, and atransition back to in-person learning healthy and ready to engage fully in learning. 

    If a scholar is feeling well enough to do school work, then they are eligible to participate in ConnectEd.

    How it Works

    When a scholar is on a 10-day quarantine period, they will be assigned a virtual classroom.  Scholars feeling well enough will be required to attend class from 8 am – 12 pm.  Scholars will have a dedicated virtual instructor each day.  For scholars in grades PreK through 10th, teachers will closely follow what is being taught in the in-person classroom.   Scholars in grades 11 – 12 will receive instruction for part of the class period and time for independent work (with the instructor present to answer questions and support in completing their assigned course work). Scholars must remain online for the 4-hour duration in order to receive a full day of attendance.   

    If scholars are part of an EL small group, dyslexia, or self-contained classroom the scholar will continue to meet with these groups at the scheduled time with the appropriate staff members.

Q & A

  • How do I know if my child needs to be on quarantine or isolation?

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    The school nurse will let parents know if their child should quarantine or isolate due to either a positive COVID test or a confirmed close contact.  Parents should contact the school nurse if their child is feeling ill or experiencing covid symptoms.

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  • How do I enroll my child in ConnectEd?

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    Scholars will receive information from the network Connect Ed administrator with how they enroll in ConnectEd.  They will review this information a few hours after or the next morning after they receive guidance from the school nurse about their quarantine and isolation period. 

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  • What is my child is unable to complete lessons in ConnectEd because they start feeling ill?

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    Parents shoudl contact the school nurse if their child starts feeling ill.  To be exited from ConnectEd the school nurse will inform the network ConnectEd administrator of the scholars last day.

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  • How will my child's quarantine days be counted for attendance?

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    If a scholar participates in ConnectEd they will be considered present for the school days in which they attend. If a scholar fails to participate in ConnectEd while in quarantine or isolation, their absences are excused.

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  • How are assignments submitted during quarantine/isolation?

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    Scholars will submit all of their course work via Schoology
    PreK-10 – via their ConnectEd Schoology page
    11th-12th – via their campus teachers’ Schoology pages

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