Pre-Kindergarten Overview

  • 90% of human brain development happens before age 5.

    In other words, waiting until Kindergarten to start teaching our kids is already too late. By enrolling your child in Uplift Education’s FREE Pre-K programming (for eligible students), you give them the gift of a brighter future.  You will also guarantee your child a spot in the same Uplift Primary School for Kindergarten and beyond! Pre-K at Uplift is special! 

    Your child will be:

    • A part of a nationally-recognized network of International Baccalaureate schools
    • Surrounded by an experienced staff of caring teachers
    • Attending a school with a 100% college acceptance rate for our High School Seniors

    NOTE:  Uplift Education Pre-K is a state-funded program and is free to students who meet state-required eligibility requirements.

    To apply for Uplift Pre-K, visit


    Does my child qualify for Uplift Pre-K?  View the list of eligibility requirements here.

    How does the lottery process work for Pre-K?  View information about our PreK Lotter Process here (click on Pre-K button at top of page).