Dyslexia Services

  • Uplift Education supports the educational concept that reading, writing, and spelling skills provide the foundation for overall academic success.  Uplift Education has adopted multiple balanced reading programs which offer a variety of alternative strategies and support to scholars identified with dyslexia.

    Pursuant to House Bill 1886, Uplift Education will screen and/or test, as appropriate, for dyslexia and related disorders at the end of the kindergarten and first grade school years.   Parents, teachers, staff, and adult students may initiate, in writing, request for a Full Individual Evaluation to be considered by the Student Support Team, 504 Committee or ARD Committee any time it is suspected that a student requires reading supports and interventions for dyslexia.   

    Uplift Education follows all TEA guidelines for assessment, identification, and instruction as per TEA guidelines outlined in the TEA Dyslexia Handbook, updated 2021. (see link below)