Student Support Team

  • What is the Student Support Team?

    Each campus will have a Student Support Team (SST).  The team has been designed to act as both a student and staff assistance process.  The purpose of the team is to provide a knowledgeable group of professionals to consider the special needs of any student on the campus who may need special assistance.  This may include tutorial, extra help, crisis intervention, dyslexia services, gifted and talented services, services for students with limited English proficiency, special education, and other special services of either a temporary or permanent nature.

    Why the SST Process to provide Instructional Intervention Strategies?

    • The Texas Administrative Code (19 TAC 89.1011) states that students having trouble in the regular classroom should be considered for all support services available to all students (tutorials, remedial, compensatory, and other services).
    • Many of the Intervention Strategies are effective teaching and behavior management strategies that benefit all students.
    • Interventions are one of the “supplementary aids and services” which allow all students to be educated in the general education classroom.

    When to Intervene? 

    A need to intervene is indicated when:

    • Frustration and anxiety are interfering with learning
    • A student’s basic reading, writing, and spelling skills are not automatic enough to be smoothly integrated with higher order thinking and organizational skills.
    • The student's behavior is impeding his/her learning or the learning of others