Wait List and Lottery

  • Lottery Token February 1st is the deadline to apply to an Uplift school and be included in the initial lottery drawing for the upcoming school year.

    To be included in the lottery, an application must be submitted prior to the lottery application deadline.  Applications received after the deadline are placed on the wait list in the order they are drawn in the lottery.

    Families will be notified if they were drawn in the lottery by email within one week of the application deadline.

    Offers to attend are determined by a name-blind lottery.  Each Uplift school has limited space.  A lottery is held when applications received are greater than the number of available spaces.

    Applicants selected in the lottery will be notified by email.  Applicants not selected are placed on the wait list.  You can also log into your Schoolmint Account and see your lottery status after approximately three weeks after the application deadline.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I see my place on the waitlist?

    Waitlists are established when an Uplift School receives more applications for a given school and grade than space available.  Waitlist position is determined by the random lottery number assigned during our lottery draw. If a spot becomes available, students on the waitlist will be offered a spot in the order listed.  Applications received AFTER the application deadline of February 1st are placed on the waitlist in the order received.    

    You can log into your SchoolMint account at any time and see your lottery status (Offered/Accepted/Registration Complete/Waitlist). Your exact position on the wait list is not available right away, but we will send another email in March letting you know where you are on the wait list.

    Can I add another school choice to my application?
    Yes! You may choose up to 3 schools on one application. ALL Uplift schools offer a consistent, high quality educational experience.  ALL our high schools are nationally recognized, and ALL our graduates have been accepted to college for the past 18 years.  Your child will be set up for success at any Uplift school.

    With 45 primary, middle, and high schools across the metroplex, there is likely another Uplift school close to you.  Click here to see our schools.

    To add another school, go to your Schoolmint Account and click on “Edit New Student Application” next to your child’s name. Confirm the information on the first screen and click NEXT.  Then select the school or schools you would like to add and click NEXT.  Finally, set the preference order for the schools you selected and save your selection.  This will create additional applications for other Uplift schools.  There is a limit of 3 schools.

    What if I want to cancel my application?
    If you decide to cancel your waitlisted application, please visit your Schoolmint Account and click the Cancel Application button next to your child’s name.  This will allow other families on the waitlist to move up.