Accept Your Spot

  • To accept your spot, please log in to the Schoolmint Account that you created when you applied and click the ACCEPT button next to your child’s name.  You will then be asked to confirm your choice.  It’s that simple!

    Student Dashboard

    Once you accept your spot, you will be directed to complete your registration.  Click for more details on completing registration.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How long do I have to accept my spot?
    If we do not hear from you by Friday, February 18, 2022 we will assume you are no longer interested and will move on in the waitlist.

    What if I am not accepted at my first school choice?
    If you had more than one school choice on your application, and the offer your received is not your first school choice, you may still accept the spot offered and you will remain on the wait list for your 1st choice school.  If you accept the spot at the school offered, you will drop off any wait lists for school choices BELOW this one.

    What if I have multiple children that were accepted?
    Once you accept your spot and complete registration for one child, you will be redirected back to the Application Dashboard where you can complete acceptance and registration for any other accepted applicants.

    What if all of my children were not offered a spot?
    Our lottery is randomly drawn by school and grade level.  Some grades have more open spots than others.  Your child who was not offered a spot will remain on the waitlist and could be offered a spot in the coming months.

    What if I don’t see all of my children on the dashboard?
    All of your scholars must have the same primary email address (username) in their profile. If all your children are not showing on your dashboard, it is most likely because you created multiple accounts with different primary emails. Let your campus Family Engagement Coordinator (FEC) know. They will need to move the scholars to the primary email username) that you want to use.