Complete Registration

  • After you accept your spot, you will be directed to a page to complete your registration.  Here you will provide some basic information about your scholar.  You will also be asked to upload the following records:

    • Child’s immunization record
    • Child’s birth certificate
    • Photo ID of parent
    • Child’s social security card (if available)
    • Child’s last report card * (grades 3-12)
    • Child’s last STAAR results* (grades 3-12)
    • Child’s last school transcript* (grades 3-12)
    • Special Services (if needed - for your security, this document must be uploaded along with other registration documents and should not be emailed to the school)


    * When your child is offered an open seat at one of our Uplift Schools for grades 2-12, transcripts, STAAR reports and grade placement information from your previous schools are necessary so that Uplift can begin scheduling your child for the new school year. 

    For high school, click here to see a list of high school records needed (English and Spanish).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to complete registration immediately after accepting a spot?
    While we encourage you to complete registration immediately after accepting your spot, registration does not have to be completed all at once.  You may return to the registration section at any time by clicking the “REGISTER” button next to your child’s name in your Schoolmint Account.  Your progress will be saved.  Acceptance and registration should be completed by February 17th, 2023.

    How do I upload documents?
    If you are using a laptop, you can upload documents saved on your computer, or scan them to your computer using a printer/scanner.  If you are using a mobile phone, you may be able to take a picture of your enrollment documents and upload them!  The Schoolmint website will guide you through the process.

    What if one of my documents is more than one page?
    You can only upload a single file for each document, so multi-page documents must be in one single file.  Using an app like Genius Scan will allow you to scan multi-page documents and save them into a single file.  Download Genius Scan for free for iOS or Android.

    Watch these videos for more information on using the Genius Scan App:
    Video in English
    Video en español

    How will I know if my registration is complete?
    Applicants with submitted registration forms will have a status of Registration Completed and will be able to view a link to the PDF version of the forms that they can print. The PDF will open in a new tab in the browser and can be printed out from there. It will include all of the data entered by the parents.  You will also receive an email confirming your completed registration.

    What if I still can’t figure out how to complete my registration?
    Contact your Campus Family Engagement Coordinator and they should be able to assist you.