Welcome to Uplift Education!

  • Welcome to the Team!  

    Congratulations on your new position with Uplift Education! We are excited that you have joined the Uplift family! You have a world of opportunities ahead of you working for one of the most innovative, passionate, and high-performing charter networks in Texas.  

    With twenty-one campuses, forty-three high-quality public charter schools, and two central management offices, we are committed to making college a reality for every graduate, and with your commitment and support we are thrilled to know that you will help bring us closer to achieving this goal.  

    This new hire web page is provided for those who have been offered and accepted a professional or paraprofessional position with Uplift Education. It is our hope that we can make the new hire process a seamless, positive experience. Upon receipt of your signed offer letter, you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your New Hire Onboarding session.  

    Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below to help answer any questions prior to your first day of school. Should you have additional questions, contact information to help connect you with the appropriate department is listed below.  

Documents & Credentials

  • Must my transcripts be in a sealed envelope?

  • What paperwork and documents are needed?

  • As a teacher/administrator, will I need to provide Uplift Education with official transcripts from all of the institutions attended?

  • I have previous teaching/paraprofessional experience in different a public/private school. What will Uplift Education need so that my salary reflects my experience?

  • I have previous teaching/paraprofessional experience in from an out-of-state public/private school. How do I make my service records available to Uplift Education?

  • What forms of identification can I bring for my I-9 Session?

  • I cannot locate my social security card. May I bring a copy?

Name & Address Change Issues

  • Do I have to wait to schedule my I-9 session until I have the address where I will be residing for the school year?

  • I changed my last name. Can I use my new name for my file?

  • I am getting married over the summer, can I use my married name for my file?

Academic Calendar & Orientation

  • When is my start date?

  • What is the Academic Calendar for the year?

  • What is Annual Training?

  • As a teacher, will I need to attend a new teacher orientation?

  • I am a non-instructional employee, do I need to attend orientation?

Salary & Payroll Information

  • What will my salary be?

  • How often will I get paid?

  • Is direct deposit optional?

  • I am a school year employee (those who do not work during the summer). When will I see my first paycheck for the school year?

Benefits Information

  • I am interested in one of Uplift Education’s employee benefit programs. How do I get information?

  • Is there an enrollment deadline for benefits?

Identification Badge

  • Where do I go to obtain my Uplift Education ID badge?

Computer Access & E-mail

  • What will be my username and password?

  • How can I access my e-mail/tools from home?

  • When will I gain access to my e-mail and accounts?

Additional Support

  • Onboarding Support

  • Additional Support

  • Benefits Service Center

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