• Teacher Compensation

    At Uplift, you can ‘earn more faster’ through access to multiple opportunities to increase your take-home pay.


    Earn More Faster

    Uplift Education recognizes the value of its educators and offers ways teachers can ‘earn more faster’ through multiple opportunities to increase take-home pay. Our starting salaries are competitive, and our teachers earn yearly raises based on tenure. In addition, teachers can earn bonuses and stipends which can add thousands of dollars each year to their incomes. Uplift is also a participant in Texas’ Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA), which identifies top-performing teachers in the state. Individual Uplift teachers who earn the state designation will take home even more. We are proud to be a part of this program that allows us to reward our top-performing teachers who have dedicated their careers to serving our scholars and communities.


    Base Pay with Tenure

    Base salaries for teachers are adjusted according to a salary schedule. All years of K-12 teacher of record experience count towards the salary schedule, and out of district service must be validated with an official service record.

    Yrs* Base Salary
    0 $57,000
    1 $57,500
    2 $59,500
    3 $60,000
    4 $62,000
    Yrs* Base Salary
    5 $62,500
    6 $64,500
    7 $65,000
    8 $65,500
    9 $66,000
    Yrs* Base Salary
    10 $68,000
    11 $68,500
    12 $69,000
    13 $69,500
    14 $70,000
    Yrs* Base Salary
    15 $72,000
    16 $72,500
    17 $73,000
    18 $73,500
    19 $74,000
    Yrs* Base Salary
    20 $76,000
    21 $76,500
    22 $77,000
    23 $77,500
    24 $78,000
    25 $80,000

    * Completed years of experience, effective for 2022-23 school year.

    Please note that salary schedules are subject to change. Salaries offered are based on official service records. Additionally, for any hires starting after the official start of the school year calendar, salaries will be pro-rated to the number of days worked.

    High Needs Stipend

    We also offer additional stipends to teachers in high needs subjects as designated by the state. To be eligible for this stipend, you must be certified in the high-needs subject you are teaching. Currently, we offer $2,500 annually for teachers who teach these subjects:

    • Special Education
    • Middle/High School Math & Science
    • Foreign Language
    • High School Computer Science & Career/Technical Education


    Bonus Program

    We’re excited to be able to issue reward bonuses for strong performance and meaningful contributions in our organization.

    Performance Bonus

    Staff members eligible for this bonus type have the opportunity to earn 3 or 6% of their base salary annually based on performance goal attainment.

    Tenure Bonus

    Staff members eligible for this bonus type will be rewarded a $1,500 bonus at every 3 year service milestone to thank them from their contributions through their years of service.

    Teacher Incentive Allotment Bonus

    The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) is a provision in Texas House Bill 3 that gives school districts the opportunity to create a local designation system that identifies the top 30% of classroom teachers state-wide as “recognized,” “exemplary,” and “master”. Uplift Education was awarded to be in the first cohort of the TIA program to provide state-funded incentive pay to high-performing teachers. Individual Uplift teachers who earn the state designation will earn thousands of additional dollars annually.  Because we value our top quality teachers who have dedicated their careers to serving our scholars and communities, Uplift has designated 90% of the TIA funds to go directly to designated teachers.  Most other districts are using the allotment money to offset costs of existing strategic compensation structures.  At Uplift, this bonus is ON TOP of what teachers can earn through other bonuses and stipends.
    For more information, visit tiatexas.org

    Chart illustrating levels of TIA Bonus





  • What It Takes

    Do you have what it takes to be a teacher at Uplift? We aren't just looking to fill positions. We are looking for people with the drive to become excellent teachers and guide our scholars on their Road To College. If you possess these traits, then you might have a home with Uplift Education:

    • Passion for serving low socio-economic, minority and/or first-generation college students
    • Self-reflective with a growth-mindset
    • Data-driven and results-oriented
    • Open to and actively seeks constructive feedback
    • Tenacious about scholar success in college and beyond