Board Names Dr. Remy L. Washington President of Uplift Education

  • June 21, 2021

    Dallas, TX –Dr. Remy L. Washington, a veteran educator with a proven track record for leading successful schools, is the new president of Uplift Education, a public charter network with 46 schools in Dallas Fort Worth. Dr. Washington will continue to report to Yasmin Bhatia, Uplift’s CEO, and will oversee both Teaching and Learning and School Leadership Teams. By creating the President role, it allows for a more coherent, aligned vision, goals, and strategy for Uplift’s campus instructional teams.  The Uplift board and CEO believe the benefits of this will be felt by its teachers and school leaders and will positively impact outcomes for scholars.

    Dr. Washington brings a depth of experience to this role having recently served as Uplift’s Chief Academic Officer.  Prior to joining Uplift 8 years ago, Dr. Washington was in Chicago Public Schools. Her passion for Uplift, her breadth of experience inside Uplift over the past 8 years, her ability to build strong teams, and her leadership during the pandemic, made her the perfect fit for the role of President. Prior to serving as Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Washington was a Managing Director for Uplift’s High Schools and the Campus Director for Uplift Peak High School. Dr. Washington is a passionate champion of the mission of Uplift and shares the CEO’s commitment to ensure every child in the network has access to an excellent education which prepares them for their future path-college and career.

    Beyond the benefits of a more aligned Teaching and Learning Team/Schools Leadership team, creating the President role allows Uplift’s CEO to dedicate more of her time and energy to other aspects of the CEO role that are critical to the success of Uplift including Uplift’s bold well-being, SEL, equity and talent agendas. Dr. Washington and Uplift’s CEO will work together to make sure the scholars at Uplift are developed holistically-academically and socially-emotionally.

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