Former Employee Resources

  • Thank you for the service you have provided to Uplift Education. As a former employee of Uplift Education, we understand that there may be pertinent information or questions you may have after your separation. We hope the following resources will help support your transition. Should you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our Talent Management team at

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Benefit Information

  • What happens to my 403(b) retirement plan?

  • What is COBRA?

  • How do I elect to continue coverage through COBRA?

  • When will my current insurance through Uplift Education end?

  • When will my coverage through COBRA start?

  • Can I include my dependents on my coverage through COBRA?

  • When can I change my benefits through COBRA?

  • Can I continue other benefits (not applicable to COBRA)?

  • How do I get additional questions about my benefits after separation answered?

  • What happens to the funds I contributed to the pension plan?

Service Records, Verification of Employment & Public Service Loan Forgiveness

  • How do I obtain a copy of my service records?

  • What happens to my vacation and local days?

  • How do I contact Uplift Education about any verifications of employment?

  • How do I contact Uplift about my Public Service Loan Forgiveness application?

1095, W2, Paystubs

  • Accessing your W2, 1095, & Paycheck Stubs AFTER Separation

  • Ho do I access my 1095 from previous years?

  • How do I access my paystubs from previous years?

  • How do I access my W2 from previous years?

Payroll Information

  • I am a former non-exempt employee. When will I see my last paycheck?

  • I am a former exempt employee. When will I see my last paycheck?

  • I was a school year employee (those who do not work during the summer). When will I see my last paycheck for the school year?