• Parent Commitment 

    You are your child’s most important teacher and role model, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to share in the education of your child. Parents, teachers and students must combine efforts for your child to reach his/her “Uplift Potential.”  

    The Uplift learning community shares the following mission:            

    An unwavering focus on student achievement and the transmission of a love of learning.

    As a parent, I fully agree with and commit to the following:

    • I will make sure my child arrives at school fifteen (15) minutes before the start of each school day and remains in at school until the conclusion of the school day.

    • I will make arrangements so my child can be at school before or after the school day for tutoring, detention or other after school programs when required or needed.

    • I will require my child to complete all assignments.  I will try to read with my primary grade child every night, if applicable.

    • I will communicate respectfully with faculty and staff.

    • I will read all papers the school sends home, sign if necessary and return the next day.

    • I will participate in all meetings and conferences concerning my child.

    • I will support the academic expectations and curricular programs of the school.

    • I will be a role model for my child as I follow the rules, codes, policies and procedures established by the school.

    • I will pick my child up from school on time or accept the consequences or penalties.

    • I will notify the school if my child is unable to attend school.  I understand daily attendance is essential to student success and school funding.

    • I will adhere to Uplift attendance policies ensuring the academic success of my child.

    • I will ensure my child follows the school rules, codes, policies and procedures so as to protect the safety, interests and rights of all individuals in the classroom.  

    Failure to adhere to these commitments may cause my child to lose privileges and may lead to my child’s removal from an Uplift School.  

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