• Teacher Commitment

    Parents, teachers and students must combine efforts for your child to reach his/her “Uplift Potential.”  The Uplift learning community shares the following mission: 


    An unwavering focus on student achievement and the transmission of a love of learning.


    As part of the school faculty, I fully agree with and commit to the following:

    • I will exhibit the rigor required to insure actions are based on educational best practices and will do whatever it takes to meet individual student needs. (rigor)

    • I will attend and participate in all staff meetings and professional development to ensure best teaching practices become universal for continuous improvement. (reflection)

    • I will “go the extra mile” by being available before and after school to work with students and parents by addressing any concerns. (relationships)

    • I will respond to communications from students and parents within twenty-four (24) hours, during the school week. (relationships)

    • I will remain focused on standards of excellence leading to results that support and implement the mission of Uplift Education. (results)

    • I will utilize data to support and measure curricular and academic achievement.

    • I will protect the safety, interests and rights of all students. (responsibility)

    • I will work with Uplift professionals to further organizational goals by enforcing all rules, codes, policies, procedures and core values of Uplift Education. (relevance)



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