International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

    at Uplift North Hills Preparatory



    Uplift North Hills Preparatory was authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in July 2003.  This is the most challenging program of study and best preparation for college offered by North Hills Preparatory. Its course of study is designed to meet the needs of motivated secondary students and to promote international understanding.   Many highly competitive colleges and universities recognize the IB Diploma for admissions and/or advanced standing.

    The effectiveness of the IB program is due not only to the depth of the individual courses, but also to the comprehensive nature of the program. Unlike many other honors programs, the IB Program requires each student to take courses in six academic areas. In order to qualify for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, students must take examinations in all six subject areas, participate in the Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) program, and write an extended essay (EE).  The diploma candidate must also take a unique course known as Theory of Knowledge (TOK). In this course, students explore the connections and similarities between the various subjects, learn to think, and apply interrelated concepts. 



    Six subject groups comprise the IB curriculum. The IB Diploma candidate is required to select one subject from each of the six core areas below.  Students in their Junior and Senior years must successfully complete three Standard Level (SL) courses and three Higher Level (HL) courses:

    Group 1:
            Language A                         HL English


    Group 2:        Language B                         HL / SL French or HL /SL Spanish


    Group 3:        Individuals and Societies       HL History


    Group 4:        Sciences                              HL / SL Biology,  SL Environmental Systems, SL Physics


    Group 5:        Mathematics                        HL / SL Mathematics or SL Mathematical Studies


    Group 6:        Fine Arts                              HL / SL Visual Arts, HL / SL Theater, HL or substitute a second group 3 or 4 course


    Three of the six subjects are taken at the Higher Level (two-year course).  The other subjects are taken at the Standard level (one- or two-year course).  Each examined subject is graded on a scale of 1 (minimum) to 7 (maximum).  The award of the Diploma requires a minimum total of 24 points.


    The Core...what is it and why do I care???

    As an IB Continuum school, NHP is dedicated to providing an effective college preparatory environment for our students with real-world studies, observations and practices to assist students in transitioning to the next collegiate level.  The Core is an integral part of their experience.  All juniors and seniors, regardless of their decision to pursue the full IB Diploma Program (DP) or to mix on-level, on-level, AP or IB classes (Course), are required to complete the Core.  
    This consists of:
    Theory of Knowledge (ToK) class
    The Extended Essay
    The CAS (Creativity/Action/Service) program
    At NHP, ToK serves two purposes.  It is a requirement for the IB Diploma Program but also serves as the Texas State required Humanities class for those not seeking the IB Diploma.  Please review the attachments below to better understand the content and purpose of ToK.
    The Extended Essay (EE) is a 4,000 word, collegiate level, argumentative research paper.  One of the common concerns voiced by college professors today is that their freshmen do not have adequate research or writing skills.  The EE gives our students the opportunity to hone these skills while still under our tutelage.  The process begins in a student's junior spring semester and ends in their senior fall semester providing ample time to determine a subject, research question, bibliography, outline, first draft and final draft.  Each student is provided with an EE Advisor to assist them in their journey.  Please review the attachments below to better understand the EE process and the intrinsic benefit it provides.
    CAS-Creativity/Activity/Service program
    The CAS program is designed to guide students in the discovery of not only how they impact the world around them but how they, in turn, are impacted by the world.  It is a personal, individual program designed by each student for his/her own interests that supports real-world experience and involvement.  Please review the attachment below to better understand the CAS program and the value it affords our students.

    Uplift North Hills Preparatory
    AP/DP Dean of Instruction

    DP Coordinator
    Katie Biela