• UNHP Primary

    Uniform Expectations:

    Scholar uniforms are REQUIRED Monday through Friday

    Specialty dress-down days will only be allowed when communicated by campus leadership.

    High School Uniform Expansion (Grades 9-12 ONLY)

    As communicated by Uplift CEO Yasmin Bhatia in late May, we are expanding the uniform options for high school students across the Uplift Network.  Here’s what that means for UNHP High School:



    PROFESSIONAL DRESS MONDAY: The navy and green plaid tie is required every Monday with the white oxford button down shirt (long or short sleeved), starting the first Monday in October through the last Monday in April. The tie and oxford shirt should be worn with the blue and green plaid skirt (gray for seniors) or gray pants. Skirts may be ankle or knee length. Seniors may wear the sky blue oxford button down shirt. The blazer is now optional. Shoes must be solid white, solid black, or saddle 
    oxfords. All components of the Monday uniform can be purchased from our official uniform provider, Dennis Uniforms.

    TUESDAY – THURSDAY: Shirt options for Tuesday – Thursday include a navy polo with the NH crest, UNHP branded t-shirts (gray,navy, or green with crest; long or short sleeved), UNHP branded sweatshirt (gray or navy with block letter logo), or any official UNHP t-shirt or sweatshirt for clubs, organizations, or athletics. The shirt option should be worn with the plaid skirt (gray for seniors) or gray pants or UNHP joggers with the required logo. Skirts may be ankle or knee length. Approved options for Tuesday – Thursday are currently available through  Rokkitwear and options will also be available from our official uniform provider, Dennis Uniforms.

    FREE DRESS FRIDAY: Fridays will be free dress with no uniform components required. As a general rule, clothing must follow the same guidelines for fit and length as comparable to the uniform. Only clothing that does not display offensive language or images of violence, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or the occult may be worn. Mid-drift shirts that expose scholars’ stomachs are also not allowed. If scholars wear jeans with holes above the knees, they will be required to wear something underneath so that their skin is not exposed. Shorts and skirts adhering to the uniform code for length may be worn. Leggings are permitted only with a top or dress worn over that adheres to the uniform code for length. Pajama pants are not allowed. All shoes must be closed toe (no sandals or crocs).