Volunteers in Partnership (ViP)


    What is Volunteers in Partnership (ViP)?

         The Uplift Atlas ViP leads and supports school-wide events throughout the school year. Every Uplift Atlas parent is a member of ViP! A vibrant ViP program depends on you in two ways: attending parent meetings and volunteering!

    Attending Parent Meetings

         Grade level meetings, like Parent Conferences, are led by grade level teachers to ensure parents know how their scholars are progressing each Quarter/Semester. ViP Meetings are hosted and led per campus, to allow parents and admin to coordinate campus events and volunteer opportunities. The Uplift Atlas K-12 Leadership Team lead meetings like Coffee with Directors to present important information and resources for parents.

    Support through Volunteering

         Parents are encouraged to volunteer in a variety of activities throughout the school year, but we also understand that parents have a busy schedule! If volunteering during the school day or at after-school events isn't an option, consider donating food, drinks, or other items. There will be many events and opportunities throughout the school year where teachers and staff may ask for donations!

         Parents must complete a background check every year before being able to volunteer on campus. Volunteer and donation opportunities will be posted on a regular basis at uplift.voly.org, as well as listed on our campus newsletters and sent via email.

    How to Become a Volunteer

    Create An Account

    1. Visit uplift.voly.org
    2. Create a volunteer account by filling in the required fields and click “Create Account”.
    3. Next, complete the “Volunteer Application Form”, which includes your Orientation, Media Release and Background Check. You will also choose the schools where you would like to volunteer. An Application Form must be completed each school year. 
    4. You will receive an email in approximately 72 hours regarding the status of your application and background check.
    5. Once you receive your email confirmation, you can sign up for volunteer opportunities at your scholar’s school throughout this school year.

    Sign Up To Volunteer

    1. Visit uplift.voly.org
    2. Click the purple “Log In” button and enter your log in information.
    3. Once logged in, you will see volunteer opportunities for the schools you selected in your application.
    4. Once you find an opportunity that fits your interest and availability, click “I Want To Help”!
    5. You will receive an email from the school to confirm your volunteer date, time and any additional details.