The Whole Scholar

  • At every grade level, your child will excel in Uplift’s Whole Scholar Approach that sees each learner as an individual and supports their academic, social and emotional well-being. 

    Across each of our Pre-K-5th and Pre-K-12th grade schools, you’ll see the Whole Scholar Approach at work in the curriculum and academics, nurturing school community, supportive families, and unmatched college preparation.

  • Global Learning For All

    ALL our scholars engage in a globally-focused learning model, which teaches academic basics (language, social studies, mathematics, arts, and science), but connects learning with real-world concepts and ideas. This learning model is based on the International Baccalaureate (IB®) and encourages critical thinking, questions, discussions, and personal growth. All Uplift schools are either authorized to offer IB programmes or are in the consideration phase or consideration phase for authorization. IB helps students to develop the knowledge, dispositions and skills needed for both academic and personal success.

    Strong Scholar Culture

    Road To College and Career

    • A four-person team at each high school dedicated solely to academic and college success
    • Essay writing and ACT test prep
    • Individualized application and financial aid support
    • 1:50 senior to college counselor ratio
    • Career exposure through corporate partnerships
    • Alumni support into college and career

     Connected Families

    • Volunteers in Partnership (VIP) parent group
    • Volunteer opportunities communicated through Voly
    • Guidance and support through your child's college application and selection process
  • Portrait of Uplift Scholars