• Morning Drop Off


    • Gates open at 7:20AM to drop off your scholar.
    • Meridian PreK-5th will drop off in the front (west side) of the school (see map)
    • Mighty PreK will drop off in the back (east side) of the school)
    • Please do not exit your vehicle, unless you need to unbuckle your scholar from a car seat and are using the curbside lane only


    Afternoon Pick Up (refer to map)


    • Gates will open at 2:55PM for BOTH Mighty and Meridian PreK ONLY
    • Mighty PreK (Blue Line) should make an immediate left after entering the gate to line up in the back
    • Meridian PreK that DO NOT have older scholars, use Lane 1 and come at the start of carline
    • Merdian PreK families that have K-5 scholars are STRONGLY advised to join carline closer to 3:15PM, you will NOT be permitted to wait along the curb in Lane 1 for your older scholars, you will have to exit and rejoin the carline
    • Lane 1 (Black Line: closest to the curb/school) is ONLY for Meridian PK, 2+ car riders, and anyone in a harness car seat needing assistance to buckle up
    • Lane 2 (Yellow Line: outer lane) is ONLY for single riders in Kinder-2nd grade
    • Lane 3 (Red Line: first row of parking lot) is ONLY for single riders in 3rd-5th grade
    • You may not exit your vehicle to retrieve your scholar at any time while in carline
    • For your scholars’ safety you MUST present your carline tag at the gate; stating the carline number will NOT be accepted this year.

    Walkers Pick Up

    • Walkers pick up is reserved for families that live within walking distance of the campus
    • Walkers are ONLY to be picked up from the NW corner of the campus by the small playground
    • You MUST present your carline tag in order to retrieve your scholar

    Daycare Van Pick Up

    • Please complete the After Care Pick Up form in this packet and return to the main office as soon as possible


    Does Uplift Meridian charge late fees if I am late to pick up my scholar?

    • Yes, $1 per every minute you are late past carline. Fees are expected to be paid within 10 business days. Excessive late pickups will result in a parent conference to discuss options for your scholar. Please note, we depend on parents to pick up scholars on time each day to clean and disinfect our schools according to our district sanitizing schedule.