Campus Safety Protocols

  • Safety First GraphicYour scholar’s safety is our top priority. While we can't guarantee there will never be an emergency on one of our campuses, we can ensure that we have plans in place to address safety issues within our control at each of our campuses:


    • Comprehensive emergency operations plans
    • Gated and fenced campuses, locking vestibules, and electronic access systems provide a multi-layer support to prevent unwanted intruders
    • Security cameras located throughout the campus provide a full view of the school
    • A partnership with their local police department who provide support during AM and PM carline
    • A dedicated Social Counselor whose primary focus is the mental health and social-emotional well-being of every scholar
    • Volunteers and visitors receive background checks and are screened through our Raptor system
    • Active shooter response training, along with regularly conducted safety drills


    While we know that these are best practices and exceed the safety requirements of TEA and the Texas School Safety Center, we also need your partnership in being vigilant and responsive to your child’s mental needs.


    If you have additional questions about our safety measures, please contact