About Uplift Triumph Preparatory

  • Uplift Triumph Preparatory is a free, public, college-preparatory charter school located in the Dallas. We were established in 2013 as part of the Uplift Education network, the largest charter school network in North Texas.

Uplift Triumph Quick Facts

Our Vision

  • Uplift Triumph Preparatory is a college preparatory school where all scholars are encouraged to strengthen their critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills. These skills are promoted in scholars through the commitment of highly effective educators, who receive regular feedback on classroom culture and instruction, and use data to drive scholar learning.  As a result of these priorities, scholars are prepared to positively impact their world as life-long learners and leaders.

    Uplift Triumph Preparatory is a joyful, supportive place to grow and learn. We represent a strong community of scholars, parents, and staff members who are committed to putting our scholars on the path to attend the college of their choice, beginning in Kindergarten.  Our work is challenging but we embrace challenges as opportunities to grow and learn together. We know that by supporting one another we are better able to reach our goals. Together we will triumph!


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