• 2019 - 2020 School Year Car Line Information:

    General Information about Carline

    Uplift Education does not receive transportation funding from the state. Therefore, as a publicly funded school of choice, we ask that scholars either walk or are driven to and from school. To ensure that this runs in an orderly fashion, we run what we call a carline. During carline, families queue up in orderly fashion and adults remain in vehicles while scholars enter or exit the vehicles with school staff member assisting the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Please read the information below to help us run our carline safely and efficiently.

    Please click on this link for more information about carline

    PRIMARY (K-5th

    Uplift Mighty Primary Carline

      Primary Carline

    MIDDLE SCHOOL(6th-8th) & HIGH SCHOOL (9th-12th)

    Uplift Mighty MS/HS Carline