• We encourage you to review our new car line video with your scholar(s) for tips and tricks on how to make car line a breeze.


    23-24 Carline at Uplift Luna Primary

    You will be REQUIRED to present a carline card (this will be available to pick up through the front office) prior to entering the 2nd floor garage AND in order to pick-up your scholar.  If you do not have this card visible prior to entering the garage, you will be asked to go to the front office and wait for your scholar until the end of carline. 

    • Morning Carline
      Morning Carline (Monday-Friday) will begin at 7:30am-7:55am. Parents are not allowed to drop off before carline opens.
    • Afternoon Carline
      • M,T,TH,F Carline begins at 3:30pm-3:55pm
      • Wed. Carline begins at 2:00pm-2:25pm

    ** The first 2 weeks of school anticipate carline to be about 1 hour long. **

    **Parents for the safety of your scholars we ask for you to always show a carline card or ID, we understand there might be emergencies so please have this with you all time.**  


    • Walker Approvals

    Scholars that are walkers need to fill out a form and be approved by Director Maria Zuniga Jimenez.Walkers will be picked up at the front of our building in our nest area that is fenced. Parents will need to present the appropriate walker carline tag to staff member to call for scholar. Scholar will walk out the student side door into the nest area section where staff will dismiss to parent/guardian. Only approved walkers will be dismissed through the nest area.

    Due to our lease agreement and traffic control, all scholars must go through carline unless you can provide proper documentation. Once carline is closed parents are to walk their scholars through the front office. If carline is open, parents will not be allowed to park and drop off scholars through the front office. Parking authorities will be monitoring.  

    • Front Office Pick Up
      If you need to pick up your scholar before school ends, you must come to the front office before 2:30pm to pick up scholar. (1:00pm on Wednesdays; 11:30am on half day early release days). You MUST have your ID to pick up your scholar before school ends. If you do not have your ID, you will not be able to pick up your scholar. Please keep in mind that scholars will be marked absent for the classes they miss. 

    • Once carline ends, you must pick up your scholar at the front office. Please note that there will be a late pick-up fee of $1.00 per minute after 4:00pm (2:30pm on Wednesday's). Failure to pay the fee will cause scholars to be unable to participate in fieldtrips.


    Please always follow the carline route. All parents must go down N. Griffin Street, turn left at Munger Avenue and enter the garage through the left gate.  Teachers will be stationed on the second floor to greet scholars and make sure they exit the vehicles safely.  There will be 2 police officers, one at the corner of Laws Street and Munger Avenue and the other officer will be on N. Griffin Street. Follow the police officer’s instructions.

     Please see map below. 

    Diagram, engineering drawingDescription automatically generatedcarline map


    Still have questions? Contact the front office at 214-442-7882.



    Late Pick Up Policy

    The parent or guardian will be charged a rate of $1/ minute payable to Uplift Luna Primary after 4:00pm (2:30pm Wed). We will expect you to bring cash at the time you pick up your scholar at the front office.

    Student safety is a high priority here at Uplift Luna Primary. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that all students are under appropriate supervision until they return to you at the end of their school day. For that reason, we want to remind all parents about the requirement to pick up their scholars promptly after school dismissal. The school is not staffed to provide supervision for students in these after-hour situations. Our employees also have families and obligations they need to address after 4pm.  In addition, children can feel confused and apprehensive when they are not picked up on time. If you are unable to pick up your scholar at dismissal, please enroll in our on-campus after care program through Champions, Boys & Girls Club, or Reverchon. For availability and pricing, please contact the site directors.

    We understand that things out of your control may arise, thus communication is key. If you know you are running late, please contact the front office before 3pm and let us know the anticipated time of pick-up. However, it should not be a reoccurring habit. Our late pick-up procedure is as follows:

    • We will contact the parents of those who are not picked up after carline is over at 4:05pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and 2:35pm on Wednesdays.

    • If the parent/legal guardian cannot be reached, we will call from the child’s authorized emergency contact list.  We will continue to attempt contact with the parent/legal guardian and/or the authorized emergency contacts 3 times before escalating the situation.

    • Parent must sign out their child with the accurate time of pick-up on the sign out form. The parent or guardian will be charged a rate of $1/ minute payable to Uplift Luna Primary after 4:00pm (2:30pm Wed). We will expect you to bring cash at the time you pick up your scholar at the front office. Any fees not paid will result in students to be unable to participate in fieldtrips and end of year activities.

    • If the incident occurs, more than 3 times we may call our local police department and/or Child Protective Services to intervene.