Select the appropriate grade level under the "Major Assessment Calendar" tab to see scheduled major assessments (exams, papers, CAs, EOCs, etc.).

    A scholar should not have more than two major assessments scheduled in a single day.  However, there could be more than two major assessments listed on the calendar due to different course choices and/or levels (e.g. French or Spanish, Algebra or Geometry, Physics or IB Physics, etc.).  The assessments will be numbered based upon priority (1, 2, 3, …).  This priority is determined by the date the assessment was placed on the calendar.  A sample Grade 11 calendar entry is listed below:

    1.    IB English Paper 1 Essay Trebert

    2.    Physics Exam 2 Tsimberg

    3.    French IV Oral 

    4.    AP US History Exam 2 Robles

    In this example, a scholar could actually be taking assessments 1 and 4, if they are taking IB Physics instead of Physics and Spanish instead of French.

    If scholars notice that they have more than two major assessments in a single day, they need to contact the teacher of the last scheduled assessment AT LEAST ONE CLASS PRIOR to the scheduled assessments, so that arrangements can be made to reschedule the third assessment.  Similarly, if scholars have a field trip scheduled on the same day as an assessment, it is their responsibility to let their teacher(s) know of the conflict at least one class prior to the trip.

Last Modified on February 7, 2020