Academics & Culture

  • The model for Uplift Elevate's success is based on a global, college-preparatory focus. Beginning in kindergarten, our scholars learn about college and the possibilities that lie ahead.  Each classroom has a college theme, often based on the alma mater of that teacher, and scholars are often heard singing university fight songs and cheers.  As scholars progress to middle school and high school within the Uplift Education network, they enter our Road to College program and begin to picture their futures on a college campus through campus visits and a tailored curriculum focused on college preparation. 


    We are committed to providing our scholars with an excellent, globally-focused curriculum. We believe that EVERY child deserves a high-quality, rigorous education that puts him or her on a path to college.  While we focus heavily on mastery of the basics (reading, writing, math, social studies and science), we also want to develop well-rounded scholars who:
    • think critically and challenge themselves
    • develop independence and  take responsibility for their own learning
    • gain understanding of the world and  function comfortably within it
    • build a strong appreciation for the arts, leadership, social interaction and physical well-being
    • establish personal values as a foundation upon which international-mindedness will develop and flourish.


    As a public school, we administer state STAAR tests.  Our scholars are also tested and evaluated against national standards using MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tests in K-5. These tests are used to inform instruction in the classroom in order to best prepare every scholar for college success. We strive to teach a well-rounded curriculum that encourages critical thinking, and develop customized learning plans for each scholar.  Our proven model prepares our scholars for effective test-taking without our teachers having to spend excessive time teaching for a specific test.

    AP and Dual Credit

    We offer a variety of Advanced Placement® (AP) classes, dual-credit opportunities and credit recovery during the summer for high school scholars.  AP® courses increase the academic rigor in our high schools and expose scholars to the types of materials they will encounter in college. High school scholars who score 3-5 can earn college credit, reducing the number of hours they will have to take toward their undergraduate degree.


    Technology is an integral part of the academic life at Uplift Elevate. We utilize laptops and computer workstations which are integrated every day into the classroom at every grade level.  Additionally, we use computer tablets in some classrooms to help scholars with independent learning. Online grading and reporting systems help keep our scholars and families up to date.

    Career and Technical Education

    Uplift Elevate scholars will have the opportunity to progress through middle school and high school at the same campus. We offer many opportunities for them to prepare for their future.  Career & Technical Education (CTE) prepares our scholars in the pursuit of high skill employment and advanced education. Our goal is to allow our scholars to engage in a changing economy and compete in the global marketplace through life-long learning skills. CTE Non-discrimination Statement.

    Road To College

    Beginning in the sixth grade our scholars begin our formal Road To College & Career program, which is unlike any other. We not only put our scholars on the road to a successful future, but we ride along with them for every mile of the journey. We know that a college degree is the best pathway to achieve a comfortable income and a fulfilling life, but we also acknowledge that college might not be the right path for every graduate. For those instances, we provide career guidance and other means to help our alumni move into successful occupation options. Read more about our Road To College and Career program.

    Culture & Safety

    At Uplift Elevate each scholar is held to a high standard of moral character, encouraged to get involved in community service, and taught the value of random acts of kindness.   The atmosphere at Uplift Elevate  is evident when you walk in the door.  It is an environment centered on not only academic achievement, but also developing scholars who will become informed, successful, compassionate leaders in their communities. It is our goal that our scholars develop a joy for learning and adopt the mindset of being a life-long learner.

    We also pride ourselves on campus safety.  Our gated campuses, card entry system, and well-rehearsed emergency procedures ensure our scholars and our staff are kept safe and secure.