• We look forward to partnering with you this year to continue the tradition of quality programming at our Uplift Education schools. Volunteers play an important role in every area of our school community. As you will notice, we are quite busy and thanks to all of the Volunteers In Partnership (VIP) parents, teachers, administrators, staff and friends, we continue to enrich the lives of our scholars on a daily basis. Through your efforts, no matter how great or small, you are contributing to scholar growth and development more than you know. Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to devote your time, energy, and compassion to helping the scholars and supporting teachers and staff. The volunteer program partners you and school staff and enables you to become an integral part of the team that along with you are responsible for the education of your scholar. We are always looking for new ideas and believe communication is key. All Uplift parents are welcome to be part of their campus ViP group.


    For volunteering opportunties make sure you sign up on VOLY using the following link.

    VOLY Account Sign-Up