Volunteers in Partnership (VIP)

  • We look forward to partnering with you to continue the tradition of quality programming at Uplift Wisdom. Parent volunteers play an important role, and thanks to all the parents who participate in our Volunteers in Partnership (VIP) program, faculty and staff are better able to focus on enriching the lives of our scholars on a daily basis.


    What is Volunteers in Partnership (VIP)?

    VIP was created to support the relationship between families and the school. Working in conjunction with the school administration, the Uplift Wisdom VIP leads and supports school-wide events throughout the school year. Every Uplift Wisdom parent is a member of VIP! A vibrant VIP program depends on you in two ways; volunteering and donations.


    Support through Volunteering

    Parents are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities through VIP. To participate, parents must complete a background check before volunteering on campus. Please see the instructions on creating an account below. Volunteer opportunities are posted on the site throughout the school year. We will send newsletters and email announcements for volunteer opportunities throughout the year through Voly.


    How to Volunteer:

    • Parents must complete a background check before volunteering on campus.
    • Once the background check is complete, log in to https://uplift.voly.org/index.html for upcoming volunteer opportunities and to log time from previous volunteer opportunities.
    • We will send newsletters and email announcements for volunteer opportunities throughout the year. 
    • Contact your children's teachers and school staff asking if they need your help (but please don't just show up asking if you can help out that day, contact them in advance to see if they need your help.) 


    Support through Donations

    We understand that all parents have busy schedules! If volunteering during the school day isn't an option, consider donating food, drinks or other items.  There will be many events and opportunities throughout the school year where teachers and staff may ask for donations for your scholars! Any donation will count towards your volunteer hours (# of hours will vary). You may also log your donations through the Uplift Voly website.


    Any questions about volunteering? Please contact the Community Engagement & Enrollment Coordinator at 214-453-6900.



    2023-2024 Family Engagement Coordinator

     Evette Mendiola


    214.453.6900 ext 382108


    2023-2024 V.I.P Parent Meetings

    Uplift Wisdom meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 9:00 AM. See you there!

    Join us for the next VIP Meeting on August 15th, 2023 


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